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Keith taught in a Primary School and every year he took his new class to Cornwall on a Field Trip.  They learnt about the coastal geography, the China Clay works, the slate and granite quarrying, the King Arthur legends, the tales of smuggling and the incredible tin mining that had once been so important to the Cornish.

Tregarrick is a fast-moving exciting adventure story set in 18th-century Cornwall, when boys slaved in foul-smelling tin and copper mines and girls smashed the ores from which those precious metals were extracted.  It tells how Dick Tregarrick joined his father’s gang of men, who, not content with pitiful wages from the mine, endured the hardships and dangers of wrecking and smuggling to improve their lot.  The discovery of gold on board the wrecked ship Anneke triggered a chain of events that was to alter their lives completely.

'A well paced and punchy read' - The Guardian

Bird Mountain

Neesha lives in a big city where her happiest moments are spent with the birds that visit her on the balcony of her flat – until she discovers that her birds are disappearing, one by one, trapped by the evil Sharcrag.  Then Sharcrag, in her greed for power, kidnaps Neesha, too.

Carlo, a boy who is one of the bird-keepers, takes Neesha to meet Illsad, her overseer.  She learns that Sharcrag’s aim is to gain mastery over the entire human race, through the use of the most persuasive and powerful words that exist.

Neesha finds that the way to defeat Shecrag is through the same power of words; but it is a race against time…

'An enthralling read for all 8 to 12 year old's' - The Times

JUST A THOUGHT - Think about the importance of the area in which you live and its history. There could be a story there that you would enjoy writing. Try it!
Issi Noho
Magic Panda

Issi Noho's Alphabet Book

Issi Noho’s Alphabet book is an exciting ABC with important differences.  Interesting words. Enchanting illustrations. Questions and magic number puzzles to stimulate active participation.  All are linked in this beautiful pocket-sized book.  Ideal for adult and child to share.

First published in 1993

Riot Monday

Riot Monday actually happened. And it happened in the Wye valley in Buckinghamshire.  This dramatic representation of the events of that day provides a powerful insight into the forecast of anxiety and fear that drove honest, hard-working men and women to extremes of action.  The total loss of self-respect and the complete severance of all aspirations to to self-improvement; these were the realities of being thrown out of work in the early nineteenth century.  These are the elements that drove the paper workers of the Wye Valley to destroy the machines that threatened their livelihood. It culminated in Riot Monday – November 29th, 1830 – the day that was to change forever the lives of hundreds of men and women who lived in High Wycombe and the surrounding villages. 

Keith is hard at work turning the theme of Riot Monday into a novel.