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Someone you know may remember me from the days when I was a TV star. Well I am still around and I am still a panda with a problem.

My magic cards give me exciting powers but my spells often go wrong because I'm not very good at adding up the numbers on these cards!

In fact that's how I came to meet Andrew, Sally and Neil in the first place. Now they share my magical adventures - whether they want to or not.

More adventures with me - the amazing magic panda.

I get even more ambitious with my magic. This is my big mistake because I now have to fill in two numbers in each magic square! I had enough problems filling in one! Join me in my adventures in outer space, a Christmas pantomime, diving for hidden treasure and many more. I am also visited by a Chinese dragon, guardian of my magic powers!

This is really an amazing and beautiful pocket sized hardback book even if I say so myself. It's an exciting alphabet book with important differences, interesting words with enchanting full colour illustrations.

Questions and magic number puzzles stimulate active participation. This means both reader and listener will find pictures, puzzles and questions to chat about.

Ideal for adult and child to share and enjoy.